Places to visit by fatbike

Discover our must-sees!

Cykel invites you to discover Mont-Tremblant by electric fatbike!

Looking for a place to visit in the area around Cykel? We have several points of interest that are perfect for exploring our region at your own pace.

Jackrabbit Bridge

The Jackrabbit Bridgehonors Herman Smith “Jackrabbit” Johansen, who was instrumental in developing cross-country skiing in Canada. This Norwegian engineer lived to be 111 years old! He was called Jackrabbit, because he was known for his ability to jump in deep snow and cover great distances.

This wooden bridge linksthe Tremblant Resortand the Domaine Saint-Bernard. Please note that the domain is not accessible by bike in winter. The bridge can be used by foot, bicycle or cross-country ski to cross the Diable River. To get there, take the Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant trail, which passes in front of the rental center.

To continue your hike, turn right after crossing the bridge and follow theGrand Pic trail.. It will lead you to several other bike trails, including the Geai Bleu, the Gorge, the Pins Ouest, the Pins Est, and the Labyrinthe.

Diable River

TheDiable Riveroriginates in Mont-Tremblant National Park and stretches for over 100 km. Once used for log driving, it still hides remnants of logs.

In many places, you can stop to admire the white water, which creates small rapids. To see the Diable River by bike, take the Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant trail. It goes all the way to the resort.

Lac tremblant waterfalls

These falls are a must-see! They are located near a dock, which offers a magnificent view of the resort. You will also find the Falls Park. It can be reached by the Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblant, which passes on the village road.

Lake Mercier

To see Lac Mercier, take the Villageoise-de-Mont-Tremblantbike path first, then the P’tit train du Nord. The route runs along about half of the lake. The trail is maintained in the winter, making it easy to access.