Electrically assisted bike ride

7 July 2021

By bike, which route should you take during a one-hour rental?

The city of Mont-Tremblant offers a multitude of opportunities for a short ride on an electric bicycle. In this blog, we suggest a simple route that will allow you to take full advantage of your electric-assisted hybrid bike rental.

At the exit of www.cykel.ca , it is possible to take the multi-purpose trail to head towards the mountain, a place that offers a splendid view. On this route, you walk along the Devil’s River as we can see on the map. You will find all along the track, places to take pictures or admire the landscape. Don’t be afraid to flood your Instagram with beautiful photos.

This cycle path will take you to the marina. From this place you have a super nice view of the mountain. On the track, you pass under the cable cars. Above you, you see passionate mountain bikers who set off on new adventures.

Near the marina you have a lookout that allows you to see a waterfall. During this electric-assisted hydric bike ride, we made a detour to the other side to observe both sides of the fall.

The hybrid bike is very easy to use. You have control for the motor and you can determine the electric assistance of the motor you want. A little help and you drive in “Eco” mode and if you want a lot of electric assistance, you drive in “Turbo” mode. Be careful not to get confused and compete with the racing cars as you pass near the Tremblant race track ????

Barely less than an hour to ride the multi-purpose trail and you are back at www.cykel.ca after a nice loop. The region offers a multitude of cycling routes, both urban and multi-purpose. Along the route, you have maps that show you where you are, allowing you to determine the route to take to get to your next destination.

Before leaving the store, we invite you to download the ONDAGO application to know your bike route. Also, if during the rental, you have a flat tire, one of our employees will come to you to provide assistance.

We invite you to consult the ” Frequently Asked Questions ” section for the most common questions or write to us and we will answer you. We look forward to seeing you in store to take full advantage of the electric bicycle.