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Rent an electric bike by the hour or by the day. Cancel your reservation without charge in case of rain.

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Why rent an electric bike?

Bikes for all tastes

Beginners, intermediates and advanced will be satisfied.


We provide roadside assistance to all of our customers. Thanks to the *Ondago* application, the police and fire department can easily locate you in case of emergency.

Battery performance

The battery capacity is largely enough for a winter expedition of two hours.

Affordable rates

Our affordable rates allow you to enjoy a walk and visit the cafes and bistros in the region.

Clean and well-maintained bikes

For your comfort and safety, we clean the equipment after each rental. All our bikes are regularly serviced.


Hybrid E-bike

2h – 65$
4h – 80$
8h – 100$

Mountain bike

2h – 80$
4h – 95$
8h – 140$

Fat Bike

2h – 70$
4h – 90$
8h – 125$


2h – 70$
4h – 90$
8h – 125$


2h – 20$
4h – 30$
8h – 30$

Child trailer

2h – 20$
4h – 30$
8h – 30$

Single wheel trailer bike

2h – 25$
4h – 35$
8h – 35$


1h – 30$
2h – 50$
4h – 80$




Optional bag

Trail map

More than
50km of road available

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